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Crisis in the health care industry

Crisis in the health care industry: the long term care dilemma.

PWN Spotlights an issue that touches everyone and helps an HMO (SCAN) get national legislation passed. Congressman Bill Thomas and Senator Jay Rockefeller are interviewed by PWN's senior correspondent in Washington. (Episode #53)

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Abolishing the IRS

Abolishing the IRS - How it could actually happen!

For years, the U.S. income tax system has come under varying levels of scrutiny. One group, Citizens for an Alternative Tax System (CATS) believes they finally have the right answer. (Episode #73)

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Social Responsibility

Business people help poverty-stricken children

Business people help poverty-stricken children

The terrorist attacks of September 11 changed lives. One outcome of the change is the realization by hard-driving business people that they need to contribute to the world around them. World Vision, a humanitarian relief organization that helps poverty-stricken children worldwide, is discovering support from a group that has been under-represented in the past: young business people and their corporations.

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Can the U.S. meet its energy demands without Middle East oil?

Can the U.S. meet its energy demands without Middle East oil?

If California's energy crisis has taught us anything, it's the enormous cost of coming up short-handed.

Charlie Pryor, CEO of Westinghouse Electric, explains why we should take another look at nuclear energy and reduce our reliance on oil imports from the Middle East.

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Rising Gas Prices

Rising gas prices - how high can they go? Latest developments in alternative energy sources

What will the new breed of oil exploration and production companies bring to the market place as they shift and adjust their strategies to a volatile world economy in the relentless search for new and more economic forms of energy? Adair International provides some keen insights. (Episode #69)

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Fighting housing discrimination against low income families

Fighting housing discrimination against low income families

How SAMCO came to be the premier mortgage banker for low and moderate-income communities. (Episode #39)

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Low Cost Satellite Systems

Low cost satellite systems

PWN spotlights Deskin Research Group and its newly licensed Leo One satellite system. (Episode #20)

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Cause Marketing

How a non-profit raised over two BILLION dollars

In a special episode with actor John Schneider, PWN goes behind the scenes of one of the nation's most effective non-profit organizations, CHILDREN'S MIRACLE NETWORK which recently held the single most successful fund raising event in televised history, raising an unprecedented $229,000,000 to help 17 million kids.

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Firearm safety - fast solutions needed for a growing crisis

With gun related tragedies occurring more frequently in the U.S., the risks to our families and children are becoming unacceptable. Liberty Safe offers some practical solutions. (Episode #78)

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Health Law

Finding expert medical witnesses

Medical experts, testifying as expert witnesses, provide scientific findings of fact. When you are faced with litigation, whether you are a defendant or a plaintiff, having the best possible forensic evidence often determines whether you win or lose.

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